President’s Letter

September 2016

Happy September Vaughn Families!

The inaugural year of Vaughn Elementary is off to a great start, and I’m so excited to share some of the things your PTA is doing to support the staff and students. We kicked off the year hosting a Back to School luncheon for the Vaughn teachers and staff and the Tears and Cheers breakfast for Kindergarten parents. There was a successful spirit night at Bahama Bucks the first week of school as well.

Looking forward, our next spirit night is September 13 at Spring Creek BBQ; a fun night to see friends and be served rolls by your child’s teachers! Also this month is the Fall Book Fair, Sept. 26-30. And our first PTA meeting and Watch D.O.G.S. kick-off is on Thursday, Sept. 22 at 6:30 pm. This is an exciting event for all dads and students; come find out how to get involved, have pizza and much more!

The fun doesn’t stop in September. The annual fundraiser, “Vaughn Fun Run” kicks off on Oct. 3. We have a great program planned for the students to help prepare for Vaughn’s 1st Fun Run scheduled on Friday, Oct. 21. Plan to be there on Oct. 21, cheering your child(ren) on!

Finally, I just want to say thank you. It is apparent how much our Vaughn families want to support the school from the donations provided through the Start-Up Fundraiser campaign this summer. Those funds collected are going a long way to help purchase the additional book needed for Guided Reading.

There are still many ways to help support our school including volunteering, contributing the Fun Run, and becoming a PTA member. Your membership is so important to our school, as your contribution and participation in our organization displays your commitment to our teachers and staff, but most importantly, to our students! Membership is only $10 per member. This $10 provides you a voice for our students where you can make a difference. You can join by going to

Please visit our website at to see updates and upcoming events. You can also like on Facebook. Remember there will be several opportunities to sign up to help out for upcoming scheduled events from the Fall Book Fair to the Vaughn Fun Run. I look forward to working with all of you in making this school year successful!

Thank You,
Dorothy Holt
President, Vaughn PTA

July 2016
I hope you are having a wonderful summer!  The PTA board is already hard at work planning for next year.  Opening a new school is an exciting process and as we look forward to the fall we are spending a lot of time focused on how the PTA can help Vaughn have a successful first year.

Many people don’t know what the PTA does for a school.  The overall purpose of PTA is to make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children. But what does that mean for us at Vaughn?  It means providing the programs, educational tools and opportunities needed to make sure our children have the best experience possible.

To demonstrate the resources a new school needs that aren’t fully funded by the district, I wanted to share a list of PTA donations and purchases for Nichols in the school’s first four years.

  • Guided reading books, Library books/resources
  • Outdoor learning center with sun cover
  • Playground sun shade
  • School Technology, including: iPad Minis with powersync trays, charge/sync hub and cart, Google Chrome Books
  • Student programs, including: HighTouch HighTech, Sky Dome Planetarium, motivational speaker/paralympian Loyd Bachrach, Mad Learning STEM workshop for all grades, Drum Café, Operation Read More Magic Show, and more
  • STEM learning tools, including: 5th grade science library, microscopes, video robotic platform
  • First aid kit and busing for 5th grade camp
  • Sports and physical education equipment, including: Soccer goals and athletic ball lockers
  • Teaching supplies for all teachers and office supplies for workroom, including electronic pencil sharpeners
  • Quaver Class Play Music Software
  • Wireless school sound system for assemblies and award ceremonies
  • STAAR snacks for students
  • Family Fun Carnival
  • Student directories (online and print)
  • End of year party activities, including: Ice cream truck, BMX bike show, Billy Buttons Party Pic, Dallas Maverick’s Mavs Man and Champ program
  • Breakfasts and luncheons for staff
  • Watchdog program

As you can see, the PTA is able to provide students, teachers and staff with resources and experiences they would otherwise go without.  When I asked our new principal, Susie Graham, what Vaughn needed most, her first response was guided reading books and creating robust in-room libraries.  She wants to be able to provide in-class STEM programs, bus the 5th graders to camp, and fulfill teacher resource requests as we are able.  And of course, we all want that sun shade!

Without your donations and support, Vaughn students will not have access to many of the items on this list.  In the next few months there will be ample opportunity to help support Vaughn and the PTA.  Please be sure to donate and participate so our students don’t have to go without.   If you are ready to make a donation click here to visit the PTA website where you can donate via PayPal.  Thank you for your support!

Dorothy Holt
President, Vaughn PTA